Kode Hospitality Labor Optimization


Your team doesn't work for you, you work for them...

One of the greatest challenges restaurant operators face is efficient labor management. As minimum wages rise and health care expenses soar, it is more important than ever to implement high-performance systems and technologies that keep labor costs manageable.

Managing restaurant productivity is a challenging endeavor. If you focus only on the numbers, only on the bottom line, then you may win the battle but lose the war. Productivity in each restaurant has its own ecosystem and you need to see the whole picture

in order to build a successful business model.

If you are over staffed then you are paying too much to run your business. But if you cut labor too much then customer service and/or speed of service will suffer and you will lose customers. You will also add undue stress to your team and turn-over may increase, resulting in more inconsistency of service and additional hiring/training costs.

Kode provides Productivity Assessments to analyze staff levels, understand labor performance and implement best practices that optimize operations. We create a unique program for each concept and target the most actionable opportunities that cut labor costs and boost productivity.

We will work with you to set realistic goals that reduce labor costs while ensuring your restaurant provides each guest with a high-quality experience. By providing you with a foundation and plan to operate your business efficiently, we can help prepare you for long-term success.