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Kode Hospitality Menu Development


Food should be an experience...

Kode's team of culinary experts has created thousands of menus and menu items for independent and multi-unit concepts alike, understanding that menu creation is a balancing act where items must be at once craveable, driving guest loyalty, and profitable. Our work has spanned cuisines, from Mexican to Arabic, and can accommodate the most stringent dietary restrictions.

Kode's menu and recipe development services include:


Menu Research & Development

Recipe Documentation (Prep Recipes and Plate Assembly Recipes)

Nutritional Analysis & Menu Calorie Labeling

Vendor Selection

Raw Material Recommendations

Menu Engineering/Optimization

Menu Design

Menu Costs/Pricing

Product Mix Projections

Plateware Selection

Take-out Packaging Recommendations

Smallwares Recommendations

HAACP Recommendations​

Kode first begins with a high-level menu spine, featuring categories and approximate item counts. Working closely with the entrepreneur or operator, Kode then enters research & development mode, working in a test kitchen with the appropriate raw materials to create menu selections that deliver the “wow” in flavor and visual appeal while considering targeted food cost, profit contribution and the potential for consistent execution.

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