Kode Hospitality Nutrition


Your guests care how food and drink affects their bodies...

Kode has a proven detailed process for generating database nutritional fact labels, ingredient statements and allergen statements in compliance with regulations. We create and maintain custom databases that include purchased ingredients and sub-component recipes. We field verify all menu items, portions and product specifications to create a report showing the ingredient contribution of each specified nutrient,  presenting nutrient profiles in a ready-to-publish format.

Kode can also provide a three-column nutrient breakdown to make health and wellness claims and a graph that breaks down every nutrient and ingredient. This kind of information is increasingly important in today’s marketplace, as consumers are paying greater attention to the nutritional value of the foods they eat.

Our nutritional analysis services include:

Full Labeling Compliance
Field Validation for Accuracy
Allergen Statements
Database Management
Nutritional and Menu Consultation

Additionally, our team supports website coordination, and keeps clients abreast of any government or consumer group actions

that affect nutrition labeling in restaurants.